Marina Shron’s Director Reel


Stills from Before the Dawn

a short film by marina shron and a Prequel to the feature

World of the Film

The story is set in Manhattan in the early 90s. But the film it is not a period piece. Rather than going for a photographic likeness, we want to conjure the spirit of that time that bridged the violence of the 1970s and the 1980s with the faux prosperity of the new millennium. New York in our film is a city of growing wealth and swelling inequality, where the gritty world of Christina is very close, geographically, to the immaculate domain of Lynn and Joe. In the course of the film, the two worlds intertwine, collapse into one another.

Bleak or sterile, captured mainly in-between or after hours, New York in our film is a lonely place, inhospitable, almost hallucinatory, a ghost city inhabited by living and breathing bodies. Not only does it dominate the film visually, it becomes a force in this intimate drama whose characters are so obsessed with the future they keep wiping away their past.

Demo Photography

The demo images are photographed by Charles Farrah, featuring Madi Hall, Amy Gordon and Duke Lafoon.