The Photowalk

The Photowalk is a reward we’re offering to our backers in the Kickstarter campaign.  It is a tour of the locations where The Fruit of Our Womb would be shot – but it is also a trip through the memories which, for me, underlie each location. It is also a walk through the process – the geography - of making the film, creating the whole out of seemingly random pieces patched together seamlessly through the “miracle” of filmmaking.

Lynn and Joe’s house is described in the script as the Fifth Avenue penthouse. I’m planning to shoot each scene on location not a studio – which means we would have to find an apartment that fits the description. Where would that apartment end up being? Hard to tell... We might have to shoot the interior in one part of the city, and the exterior in another… We might even have to shoot each scene in a different location. During this tour, I will take you to some if not all of these locations and guide you the process of taking photos and editing them together so as to create a new, imaginary space.

Read an Interview with Marina Shron in Native Influence, Women in Entertainment Series

Through creativity I explore different aspects of who I am as an individual – and I also imagine what I could become. I discover the best and the worst versions of myself… I don’t think you can exorcise your demons through writing or making a film – but by giving then names and faces, you recognize – and humanize them, in a way… I think the role of imagination as an ethical force is hugely underestimated. After all, we can only be as good as we’re capable of imagining."

The Fruit of Our Womb director Marina Shron in her recent interview with Native Influence. So thrilled that she was chosen for their 'Women in Entertainment' series.

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